November 1, 2023

Helping your Child Through Frightening News Events

By Laurel Malloy, M.Ed., LPC

We at Healing Minds Behavioral Health want to express our support for families and children impacted by traumatic news events.  Tragedies impacting entire communities, like the recent violence and disruption of daily lives in Maine, also have a way of impacting children who may not even have a direct connection.  If you are wondering how to address these kinds of issues with your child, we have gathered some articles by researchers and nationally recognized organizations to share with you.

The first Helping Kids Cope with Frightening News from the Child Mind Institute looks at parents as the front line of addressing potentially traumatic events with their children.  If it is already too late to be the one telling your child about the events in Maine, you still have the opportunity to let them tell you what they’ve already heard, and respond with love and compassion.  

Another article from the Child Mind Institute How to Talk to Kids about School Shootings adds some tips for parents in recognizing how their fears may create anxiety in their children after a shooting event that has been in the news.  It also addresses Active Shooter drills at schools, and how parents can be supportive of their child and schools when those drills occur.

The National Association of School Psychologists speaks developmentally regarding a child’s age and what a parent needs to remember when talking about traumatic events in their article Talking to children about violence

Children’s mental health is important, and when a family needs support for a child with a mental health issue, know that Healing Minds Behavioral Health treats children and youth ages 4-25.  We work with all childhood issues including ADHD, anxiety, school issues, family conflict, divorce, grief and loss, and many others.  You can be assured that the therapists at Healing Minds Behavioral Health have the training to help you parent your child with behavioral health difficulties

While national tragedies seem remote, someone within our personal circle may be directly impacted.  We offer our condolences for those in these circumstances, and hope these articles help you as your start your healing journeys.

Healing Minds Behavioral Health, PLLC is a private mental health practice with a specialization in working with children & adolescents and their families. You may contact us at 210-418-2546 for additional information.


Laurel Malloy, M.Ed., LPC is a licensed clinical therapist at Healing Minds Behavioral Health, PLLC.

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